"How to become an successful entrepreneur" Sepmat
How to become an successful entrepreneur

“How to become an successful entrepreneur”

“How to become an successful entrepreneur”

“How to become an successful entrepreneur” An entrepreneur has to perform various functions in order to achieve the Key to success. He has the multiple responsibility and he is the key man of the enterprise. The performance of the entrepreneur directly affects the performance of the enterprise. Therefore, the person occupying the position of an entrepreneur must perform certain qualities, important of which as follows.”How to become an successful entrepreneur” to become a successful entrepreneur a person must have the abilities listed below.

"How to become an successful entrepreneur"

Knowledge of the organization

An entrepreneur should have the proper knowledge of the environment of his enterprise. He should know well about the objective, policies, procedure and plan of the enterprise. An entrepreneur should also have complete information about his subordinates i, e, he must know about his strong and weak points. Their liking and disliking and their capacity to perform the job. An entrepreneur should be able to determine that how many workers that he can effectively supervise. “How to become a successful entrepreneur”.

"How to become an successful entrepreneur"

Technical knowledge

An entrepreneur must know his job well. He should have sufficient technical competence and skills to supervise to guide and control his subordinates. He should be familiawith the machines, tools and work methods employed by workers, procedure, schedules and techniques and make necessary improvement in them.

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"How to become an successful entrepreneur"

Ability to listen

One have to be a good listener in order to become a good communicator. An entrepreneur has to listed to the various complaints, difficulties, and problems of the workers. He should have patience and ability to solve the problems of workers.

"How to become an successful entrepreneur"

Ability to judge people

Entrepreneur should be able to judge his subordinates in order to their capabilities, strong and weak points. He should have the ability to judge which worker is best for the work. Ability to judge people also helps an entrepreneur to improve their performance.

Leadership qualities

An entrepreneur has to act like a friend and a guide to the workers which also helps the entrepreneur to motivate workers for the work.”How to become an Successful entrepreneur”. He should be like a leader who Set’s an example for the workers so that they can follow him. He should have the necessary abilities to solve the problems of the workers.

Ability to communicate

"How to become an successful entrepreneur"

An entrepreneur is a front line person for the workers. He has to work as a link between the management and the workers. Therefore in order to be a successful entrepreneur he must have the ability to communicate effectively. It can be rightly said that a good communicator is a good entrepreneur and a bad communicator is a bad manager.”How to become an successful entrepreneur”

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Social sensibility

An entrepreneur Should be full of social sensibility. He should be honest to his words and a man of principle. One should have patience to handle various workers. He should also posses emotional stability and always give the impression that he is fully satisfied with his job and working condition.”How to become an successful entrepreneur”

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