Top 5 advantages and disadvantages of job and business.
Job and business

Top 5 advantages and disadvantages of job and business. Difference between job and business


Between Job and business

Job and business are the two different ways to earn money. Different types of people have different views on both job and business.

Some people think that starting a business by their own is beneficial than working under someone.  job and business. And some things that working under someone is far better than starting a business point that’s why the topic on which form of employment is better is still fresh. job and business.Job and business

Both business and jobs have their own advantages and disadvantages. The debate of job vs business doesn’t seem to stop as different people have their different views.

Here are the top 5 advantages and disadvantages of jobs and business.


The advantages of business

Job and business

Rule your kingdom

Starting a business of your own means you are the gonna be the boss and you don’t have to follow rules of others. It always feels like restrictions when you are working under someone.  But starting your own business breaks the restrictions and give you a freedom to choose whatever you want to grow your business. you can make your own strategies without discussing with anyone. And you can also set the working hours for you and can deal with family matters and other problem whenever it is required.

Job vs business

Your willing to work hard always pays you

Another advantage of starting your own business is the more your hard work more you get ‘Hard work pays off” is relevant in business. But in the case of other economic activities like the job, the salary is fixed and one cannot feel rewarding in the job.

Safe and secure job (no one to fire)

Starting your own business is beneficial because you don’t need to worry about your boss. There is no one who can fire you from the job. You can also give the job to the unemployed person to help the country’s economy

Huge remuneration

The business can make more money if the business becomes successful as compared to a job. The quotas “Hard work is the key to success” is applied to business. The more you work hard the more success you gonna get.

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No payment problem

There is no problem of payment in business.  But as an employee, or a worker you have to depend upon your upline for the salary. If you are working very hard for your boss and for the company but didn’t get enough salary according to your work than it feels very demotivating. But in the case of business the more you work hard the more you get. Job and business

The disadvantage of business


Risk taker Job and business

Business is all about risk. There is a risk of losing everything you invested if you do not work hard the business becomes unsuccessful. The businessman invests the capital with the risk of losing it and a hope of earning a profit.

Capital Requirement

Capital investment is the first requirement of the business. The business can no longer survive without the required amount of capital. The capital is required to meet the day-to-day expenses and other long-term expenses

Liability of the business

Unlimited liability of the business is also a demerit of the business. The business must have the required amount of money to meet the liability of the business. But if the assets of the business are not sufficient to meet the liability. Then the owner of the business has to use his personal assets to meet all the liability of the business.

uncertainty of returns

The future is uncertain no one knows what is gonna happen in the future. So investing a huge amount of money in business should be risky

Advantage of jobs

Job and business

No risk

Starting your own business involves a lot of risk of time and money. But in case of a job, there is no investment of money so no risk of losing the investment


Jobs provides various opportunity

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For a person. The more a person works hard for his company the more he gets in return as a reward. For example, a worker working very hard he get promoted  to the next level and the process continues

Skill improvement

The job helps a person to improve his skill and abilities of work. They gets a new and different type of task. Which automatically improve their skill and ability

Retirement benefits /after job services

Another main advantage of a job is the benefit of retirement after the job. Various government and other jobs provide pension policy to their employees. the pension is a  beneficial plan for the employees in which they get an amount of money every month after retirement.

Disadvantage of jobs


No safe job

Getting a job is not always safe. There is always a chance to be fired from the job if your boss is not satisfied with your work. you always have to impres your boss by working hard.

Payment problem

The reward for your work “salary” is in the hands of your boss which is also a problem. In case of job sometimes a company also suffer from loss and there is a chance that the boss of the company may not afford money to pay the salary to their employees. job and business

No freedom

Working under someone and following others rules always feels restrict. The Employees have to work as the requirement of the company and Boss. Employees have to follow the order of their Boss. The Time, salary, schedule and all other plans decided by the boss there is no freedom of work in the job.

No huge remuneration

another problem in a job is that there is no huge remuneration. An Employee’s hard work pays his boss and boss decide how much the amount of salary is to pay the employees

I think after reading this article you should aware of the main difference between Job and business.

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